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Thanks for using our Facebook page! You privacy is important to us, and below we have provided information about our handling of page visitor data. When you enter this page, engage in competitions or campaigns or contact us via the page, certain personal data may be processed by us, as explained below.

Purposes and categories of personal data

Our purposes for handling personal data and the categories of personal data used is often evident from the context of your contact with us, however, these are the main types of situations:


The legal basis for our use of personal data

Our handling of personal data will only happen within the boundaries of the law. The legal basis may either be that


Deletion and anonymization of personal data

We will delete or permanently and irreversibly anonymize the personal data when we have handled your enquiry, you withdraw your consent by contacting us as described below or the campaign or competition is completed. Analysis data of page traffic is available to us as long as you follow or like the page

Processing in systems from third party providers

[The personal data will be stored on the servers of Microsoft in Europe.] Adequate legal privacy guaranties (EU standard terms or EU/US Privacy shield certification) are in place in case [Microsoft] needs to grant temporary access to the data to system operators based in countries outside the EU, for instance to complete fault correction. Please send us an email if you want to receive a copy of the relevant legal privacy guaranties.

Contact, access to personal data etc

The official name of our company is Orkla Health. Please contact us on privacy@orkla.no if you want access to, extradite, correct or delete personal data that we have stored. You can also protest, demand limitations or withdraw your consent(s) at any time. For your information, you can also address a complaint towards the Norwegian Data Protection Agency if you want to file a complaint concerning our processing of personal data.



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